Why Non-Traditional Wedding Venues Are Here to Stay

Many people wonder how long the “rustic” wedding trend will go on for. Whether it’s a vineyard, brewery, farm, barn, estate, or warehouse- non traditional wedding spaces are here to stay, and this is why...

There was recently a great article in The Atlantic, that explores why more and more millennia's are choosing unique spaces for their wedding day-

“According to an annual survey from The Knot, an online wedding-planning platform and magazine, 15 percent of couples chose a barn, farm, or ranch for their wedding reception in 2017, up from just 2 percent in 2009. Meanwhile, more traditional wedding locales are losing their appeal. (The number of couples choosing to celebrate in banquet halls dropped from 27 percent in 2009 to 17 percent in 2017; similarly, hotel receptions dropped from 18 to 12 percent.)”

This is exciting news for anyone involved in the rustic wedding venue business. But is this just a trend that will fall out of vogue as quickly as it came in? My short answer is, no. Here’s why-

This trend ultimately lies at the root of the culture of millenials and even younger generation Y, and that is the badge of honor that it is to buck the standards of the

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